My Guiding Values
These are the values that speak most strongly to me and guide me along my business journey.
Have FUN
Fun is at the heart of everything I do. Fun sparks energy, enjoyment and enthusiasm. And, there’s nothing better than doing what you love, is there?
To me, success is moving forward, saying YES to what I love and being proud of myself for it. I gain so much self-belief and happiness through this. 
Robin's Bobbins Guiding Values.PNG
Make a Difference
I want to make what I do matter: By working with you to find the path that works for you, and to help you to stay moving forward on it, I am confident I can make a difference to you and your business.
Creating gives me all the thrills! It’s a sign of stepping out of that comfort zone, trying new things and gaining confidence through it. Creating keeps my business fresh and continually evolving.
Inspiring others through what I do makes my heart light up! Empowering others to step out of their comfort zone, to approach something in a different way, or to achieve something they never thought possible, gives me so much joy.