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5 Ways to Get Free Press Coverage for Your Business

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Getting press coverage is important for the growth of any business. Being able to introduce more people to the products/services you have to offer is ideally done through press coverage, but it can be expensive. Read on for 5 ways tried and tested ways that I have gained press coverage without paying a penny!

1. Guest on a Podcast - Find podcasts that represent your brand; There are many based around sharing stories of other businesses. Most podcasts have Instagram accounts so, have a search for ones that represent your brand well, listen to a few episodes, subscribe to and share their episodes on socials, and build a relationship with the host via commenting and DMs. I have recently been approached to guest on two podcasts but, if the invitations aren't forthcoming, message them saying how you will be a great guest fit for their podcast. It's a great way to have your business story and values shared.

🎧 Listen to my appearances on The Clare Elise Podcast and The Creative Ways Podcast.

2. Get in Print - This can often be a tricky one, as much printed press coverage comes at a cost, but this can be done for free. However, by researching communities that support small business communities or that specialise in fields similar to the niche of your brand, can be a way in. Depending on how active you are in their community, they may approach you to offer your expertise by writing an article for them. Or, you could write something based on what you think they may be looking for, and suit their style, and suggest they include it in their next publication. Eariler this year, I was invited to write a double-page spread about my business in The Indie Roller News (both a paper and online publication) which can be accessed by thousands of small business owners, the majority being in my ideal customer demographic too!

3. Media Coverage - Getting your products in front of those with a large social media following. This can be a tricky one, and often come to nothing, but, when is pays off, can have a huge instant hit for your business. The ideal way is to get to know the person of high influence - Do your business values align with their actions and beliefs? Are they your ideal customer (so would benefit from your products/services)? Large celebrities tend to have their own advertisign contracts so will be unable to represent your brand for free. Therefore, looking for people of a medium - low level of celebrity staus (with 100k+ followers rather than 1M+) may be a more accessible place to start. Click here to see how I have achieved this by having my products worn and shared by medium level influencers.

4. Share your expertise - Are you an expert in something? Have you built up a skills in a specific field over the years of running your business? Do you have values that others may benefit from? Do you offer a service that people want to learn more about? If so, this is a great way to share your expertise, and get your business seen. Creating blogs, holding live sessions on social and saving them to You Tube afterwards, and building up a mailing list of people interested in your business and sending out regular emails, are all great way to reach more people. There are many small business communities out there that, depending on how active a role you wish to play with them, may offer you opportunities to guest speak on their training sessions. I have done just that with Indie Roller and Pedddle recently.

5. Socal Media Opportunities - Social media is a really valuable way to get more coverage for your business. But, it doesn't need to stop at posting on your own accounts. Again, join like-minded business communities (and play an active part in them). Have a search on facebook to see which appeal to you. Instagram is a great way to grow your brand beyond posting on your own grid. Seeking out opportunities, such as taking over another account with a larger following for a day, setting up an Instagram live series with up to three others at once, playing an active part in live sessions of those with a larger following and forming relationships with others via commenting and DMs, all help to widen your brand's footprint over social channels.

In summary, there are many ways to gain free press coverage for your business. Being active and getting involved in other business communities is a great way to start.

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