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Shop Small This Christmas - Robin's Bobbins

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

When it comes to Christmas shopping, supporting small businesses can have so many positive outcomes. It's all about making a conscious choice with how we spend our money. Shopping small is something I feel passionate about; that’s why I reached out to my community of small business owners and supporters on social media, asking them to help me to spread awareness of the importance of shopping small this Christmas.

My idea was to encourage creatives to record a short video of themselves saying either, “Shop small this Christmas,” or, “I’m shopping small this Christmas,” and for us to share it across social media. My hope was that, by taking this small and positive action, we could collaborate as a community to broaden people’s understanding of the positive outcomes that come from shopping small. I was blown away when, in just a few days, nearly 120 small business supporters had taken part!

Shop Small This Christmas - Campaign Video

The full video can be seen here. It serves as a testament to "Community over Competition" and the support the small business community shares with each other.

Why Shop Small?

So, what is the impact of shopping small? Here’s what a selection of small business owners had to say:

Sarah O’Prey from @bear_and_willow says, “I love that shopping small means getting something that little bit different, that love has gone into making. Plus, I know how amazing it feels when someone buys from me so I love to pass on that feeling.”

Dehlia Barnard-Edmunds from @themerryweatherartist believes, “We all know how wonderful it feels when someone buys from our own small biz and it’s great to pass that on to others on the same path. Plus, you know you’re getting something truly unique and made with care.”

Rowana Mallet, owner of @southidlandart, states, “I love the personal aspect of shopping small - the little details that small businesses put in and do that make it such a lovely experience.”

Our campaign ties in brilliantly with Holly Tucker and Holly&Co’s Christmas Campaign Shop Independent, which celebrates exactly the same thing. As Holly says, “Christmas is ‘make or break’ for many small businesses. Think of us as the small business ad agency, because that's sort of what we are! (We) educate, inspire and encourage the UK to change its shopping habits in a positive way.”

So, why not give it a go? Each small change is a positive one, so, why not make a conscious effort to purchase one or two more presents from small business owners this year? If we all act we can literally vote with our money.

However far you have got with your Christmas shopping so far this year, this small business community wishes you a very happy, and SMALL Christmas!

With huge thanks to the following small business owners and supporters for taking part in #ShopSmallThisChristmas:





































































































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