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What's Included?:

  • Seven, one-hour sessions with Siân via zoom spread over a 6 month period.

  • Pre-session self-evaluation

  • Seven summaries, one for each session.

  • Post-session self-evaluation


This is for me if...

  • I feel lost in my business

  • I’m lacking self-belief in my business

  • I would like some general ideas of how I can move my business forward 

  • I have an idea that I would like to soundboard with someone

  • I have a specific area of my business that I would like advice on

  • I would like to set an achievable goal for my business’ next step

  • I want to form clear steps for how I am going to achieve this target

  • I would like to make sure I achieve it and to be held accountable for my actions

  • I want to develop confidence along the way

  • I would like to step out of my comfort zone and maybe try something new

  • I would like to take my business further: Setting new goals, growing confidence and trying new things along the way.

  • I want to continue doing what I love by making my business work for me.


The Course in Detail:

Before the initial session, I will email you an initial questionnaire for you to self-evaluate where your business is currently at and to highlight the areas you wish to focus on.


This will be followed by seven, one-hour sessions with Siân via zoom:

Session 1: During this initial session we will discuss what you and your business have already achieved, where it currently is, and where you would like it to be. I will empower you to set yourself a business target and help you to devise short-term targets to work towards your chosen aim.

Session 2 (a week later): Now you are on the path to achieving your individual target, my job is to help you to stay moving towards it. During this second session, we will review your progress from the week before; What's worked and what hasn't. I will equip you with tangible steps to take, including specific aims to achieve before our next session, to help you to continue working towards your chosen business goal.

Session 3 (a month later): During the third session, we will review what you have accomplished over the past month and how to keep going, keep achieving, and how to stay empowered.  

Sessions 4-7 (each a month apart): Guided by you, I will help you to take your business to its next stage. Whether it's continuing to focus on the same target or setting new goals and trying something new, I will be there to support and guide you with ideas and encouragement.


After each session, I will email a summary of the steps you have chosen to take and the overall target you are hoping to achieve for your business. I will also remind you of these prior to each meeting to keep you focused on achieving whatever you set out to do.


A week after our final session together, you will be sent a reflection questionnaire to help you to evaluate the progress you have made since our session together and to consolidate the areas you wish to prioritise and move forward with.


The Next Steps...

Upon purchasing this session you will be sent a mentoring disclaimer and terms and conditions to agree to via return of email. Once your agreement has been sent I will be in touch via email with a quick self-evaluation to complete and to arrange your first session.


A day or two before the mentoring session I will email you a Zoom link along with a few pointers to think about / bring to the meeting.

The Extended Programme

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