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About Robin's Bobbins

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This is me, Siân: the creator of Robin's Bobbins

Hi, I'm Siân! I create colourfully FUN costumes and gifts to unleash individuality and set imaginations free. I lovingly create each item by hand, to the highest quality. My items are truly unique, custom created just for YOU!

I also offer a range of 1-2-1 Creative Mentoring and Etsy Support Sessions. Each one is tailor-made to empower you to feel more confident, enthused, and to develop a clearer direction for the progression of your business. By equipping you with actionable and achievable targets, designed specifically for you, I will help you find your creative path, and stay on it, at whatever stage of your business journey you may be.

The Beginning of Robin's Bobbins

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My Guiding Values

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These are the values that speak most strongly to me and guide me along my business journey.

HAVE FUN Fun is at the heart of everything I do. Fun sparks energy, enjoyment, and enthusiasm. And, there’s nothing better than doing what you love, is there?

CREATE Creating gives me all the thrills! It’s a sign of stepping out of that comfort zone, trying new things, and gaining confidence through it. Creating keeps my business fresh and continually evolving.

SUCCEED To me, success is moving forward, saying YES to what I love, and being proud of myself for it. I gain so much self-belief and happiness through this. 

INSPIRE Inspiring others through what I do makes my heart light up! Empowering others to step out of their comfort zone, to approach something in a different way, or to achieve something they never thought possible, gives me so much joy.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE I want to make what I do matter: By working with you to find the path that works for you, and to help you to stay moving forward on it, I am confident I can make a difference to you and your business.

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Robin, aged 2, in his first cape, putting his raspberry-picking superhero skills to the test!

In 2015, my then 2 year old son, Robin, asked me to make him a superhero cape. Rather than buying one I tried my hand at creating my own; Robin was soon running around (saving his little world!) in a red superhero cape with a black 'R' on the back.

A few weeks later he asked me to make him a dinosaur cape (like every little boy, he was dinosaur mad!). I was stumped at first but, after a bit of trial and error, I created a green dinosaur cape with multi-coloured spikes.


I enjoyed creating gifts for my friends and their children and, once I started to run out of occasions to sew for, I tried my hand at selling my items. And that is how Robin's Bobbins was born!

I now have two more sons who, with Robin, have quite a dressing up and personalised items collection! They love dressing up whenever they can and, judging by the smiles on passers-by, they are very popular!

I get so much pleasure out of creating my items; knowing that each gift is bespoke, for a special someone, is so fulfilling.

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What I am Passionate About


Sustainability is at the forefront of my business ethos. I package my products in either compostable or paper mail bags. 



Sustainability is at the forefront of my business ethos, and so I create each item with care and the intention for it to last. 

I pride myself in using Eco heat-transferred vinyl.

I reserve small pieces of fabric for re-using on other items.

The smallest of scraps are donated to local schools and nurseries to use for craft products.

My products are wrapped sustainably in recycled tissue paper with a recycled paper tag.

I package my products in either compostable or paper mailbags.


I care deeply about my local community, supporting it where I can by donating prizes to school fairs, sponsoring local events, and getting involved in outreach projects for a range of charities.

I am a passionate supporter of small businesses. I play an active role in various small business communities, to support fellow business owners and promote the positive impact of shopping small. 

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