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4 Ways to Ease Starting School Nerves

Starting school can be an exciting adventure for some but anxiety-fuelled for many: A new building, new friends, new routines and rules. Read on for my 4 ways to ease any starting school nerves...


Many children have their own book bag or school bag for carrying school reading books, homework, water and fruit. These bags are often branded in the school colours, making them the same as everyone else's. Therefore, identifying your own from a sea of similar items can be daunting. A great way to make your child's school bag easy to spot is with a custom keyring bag tag. I have a wide range of options in-store, from a single letter to full name, hand-stamped and any shape bag tags. Let your child choose the colours and see them walk through those school gates with excitement and a spring in their step. View available keyrings here.

Kit Bags

Housing a PE sports kit or spare clothes safely is an important part of the school routine. Often, peg bags are all similar, and both children and their teachers find it hard to easily identify one bag from another. Having a child's name clearly displayed on their kit bag ensures that items can be found easily and don't get lost. I have a range of drawstring bags and rucksacks in store, all of which are both machine washable and waterproof-lined. Why not let your child choose their own fabric to take ownership of their equipment?

Pencil Cases

When starting junior school, children tend to be encouraged to carry their own stationery items and, what better way to do this, than with a custom-made pencil case. Machine washable, waterproof-lined and available in a wide range of fabrics and lettering options, you can find them in my store here.

Hair Accessories

Finally, let's talk about hair. Keeping long hair comfortably tied back is both a practical and safe part of school life. I have a range of fun hair accessory options, all of which can be chosen to match the uniform colours of your child's school, in-store.

And so, by giving opportunities for self-ownership and pride in one's equipment, school anxieties can be kept at bay. Why not treat your school-starter to a custom-made item to build on that excitement for September? My full range of items can be seen here.

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Ellen Rocha
Ellen Rocha
Dec 29, 2022

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