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These stylishly colourful heishi disc bead bands are hand-spun to your choice of size and colour. Available as bracelets, anklets or necklaces, with child and adult sizing, and with nine colour options. As each band is custom made to the colour blend and size of your choice, each item is unique. Each has an elasticated transparent band for additional flexibility and comfort of wear.

★ Heishi Band Product Details ★
- Polymer clay heishi disc beads 6mm diameter
- Hand-spun on to a clear elastic thread.
- 9 colour blend options are available - please note that, as these beads are hand-spun, the exact placement of each shade will vary on each item. Exact shades may alter slightly from the colour chart depending on bead availability.
- Various lengths available - please take care to measure before ordering as refunds are not accepted on these custom-made items - for use as bracelets, anklets and necklaces for both children and adults.
- Due to their delicate nature, these bracelets are recommended for age 3+ years. They are not a toy. To minimise breakage, roll the band on to the wrist/ankle and do not pull roughly.

Boho Disc Bead Jewellery: Bracelet, Anklet, Necklace

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