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These personalised charm straps bring colour, practicality and individuality to all mobile phones. Each phone charm is hand-spun with polymer clay disc beads in your choice of colour on to your choice of durable, coloured cord. They have a stylish hidden knot, and are easily attached to all mobile phone covers. Created to the name of your choice, these personalised phone straps are a fabulous gift for all ages and occasions.

★ Personalised Phone Charm Product Details★
- Polymer clay heishi disc beads 6mm diameter
- Strap also includes 2 star, and one larger bead - all in the same colour as the bead colour selection.
- Hand-spun on to durable cord; choose from pink, white or black.
- 9 colour blend options are available - please note that, as these beads are hand-spun, the exact placement of each shade will vary on each item. Exact shades may alter slightly from the colour chart depending on bead availability.
- Hidden knot gives a seamless strap.
- Attaches easily to all mobile phone covers.
- Approximately 20cm in length (including cord attachment)
- Due to their delicate nature, these phone straps are recommended for age 3+ years. They are not a toy.

Personalised Phone Strap, Mobile Phone Charm Hand Strap

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