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Adding colour to wrists of all ages, these miracle bead bracelets catch the light amazingly, giving an illusion of a luminous quality in certain lights. Choose from a range of three sizes, to fit all wrist sizes from child to adult.  Each bracelet is finished off with a silicone star bead in a random colour, to add a touch of magic!


Personalised miracle bead bracelets are also available:


★ Rainbow Bead Bracelet Product Details★
- Resin miracle bead bracelet in a rainbow of all colours
- Beads have a luminous quality in certain lights.
- Thread on to a clear elastic thread.
- Bracelet made with a rainbow of colours.
- Decorated with a silicone star in a random colour.
- These bracelets are intended for wearing on a wrist (not an ankle).
- Available in 3 sizes: Small 14.5cm / child, Medium 16.5cm / small adult, Large 18cm / large adult.
- Due to small beads, these bracelets are recommended for age 3+ years. They are not a toy.

Rainbow Bead Bracelet

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