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What Clients are Saying about Robin's Bobbins' Creative Mentoring and Etsy Support Sessions

About Siân's Mentoring Approach

I was very lucky to have Siân as a mentor. I feel like she genuinely cared about looking at how my small business could be improved. It was great to talk to Siân as a fellow creative who has made her own business so successful. She brings a wealth of knowledge that she freely shares and has inspired me and filled me with confidence that my small business 'Artforeveryone' will go on from strength to strength.

Steve, Art for Everyone

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About the Path-Finding Programme

Siân seemed to ask all the right questions for me to unjumble all the mess in my head and figure out which steps I need to take next. Having someone from "outside" point out the simplest of things was exreamly helpful to me. Every time we finished a session I'd sit for a minute and think "Wow, why didn't I do this before?!" I didn't know what to expect when I started Siân's mentoring approach. Literally no clue! But I felt so comfortable from the start and actually managed to dive straight in and open up about all sorts. It was like sitting down with a friend who just knew exactly what you needed to talk about!

Sarah, Annies Fingers

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Would you recommend Robin's Bobbins' Creative Mentoring to other Small Business Owners?

"100% Yes. I felt a little lost prior to this experience and feel that you have guided me in a direction that I may not have explored without your guidance. Your dedication, passion, organisation, and knowledge has opened my eyes to new realities, revenue streams, new opportunities and given me some much-needed inspiration in my business I was initially nervous to take the step and was nervous prior to our first session but as soon as our meeting started all of that disappeared. You have a natural flair for this, you immediately put me at ease. You kept me focused and on track the whole time as well as listening to everything about me and my business. You managed to encourage me to work out my goals by asking all the right things. The follow-up email summaries were so helpful and full of valuable information. they were so useful to recap our session and I will continually refer back to them for a long time to come. Thank you so much."

Louise, Magic Kind

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Words of Praise for my Etsy Single Listing Spruce Up

"I recently signed up for one of Siân’s new Single Listing Spruce Ups. As a relatively new small business, I didn’t really know what to expect from the experience, but can only describe Siân’s feedback as epic! After forwarding a link to my listing, I received a response the next day from Siân that included a 13-minute video that was absolutely PACKED with advice and ideas (some of the ideas seemed so obvious when she suggested them, but that’s the beauty of getting expert feedback from someone with ‘fresh eyes’). What I valued most about the suggestions was that each was initially given in quite a general way and therefore could be applied to any/all of my Etsy listings, but these ideas were followed with specific examples and ideas that related directly to the listing I had asked Siân to review… so although the service is aimed at a single listing, really it will help me give all of my listings a bit of a facelift! Siân’s feedback was delivered in a really supportive and constructive manner; she kindly pointed out what already worked well with the listing before offering ideas for improvement. She had clearly spent time studying the listing before recording the response video too, meaning that no time was wasted in my allocated 10-15 minute feedback video; to say every minute/ second was filled with useful stuff definitely wouldn’t be an exaggeration. I really am so glad I signed up for this; not only has it helped me make specific changes to my Etsy listing, but it gave me a real enthusiasm boost too. Thanks so much, Siân; I’ll definitely be back!"

Toni, Critter Crayons

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Words of praise for my Etsy Power Hour

"I am so grateful to Siân and for all of the advice she gave me during our mentoring session. The session was extremely useful and it was hugely beneficial to listen to feedback on my current Etsy setup. Since the mentoring session I have taken on board the comments and made the recommended adjustments, I have had a huge increase in sales and the visibility of my store has improved dramatically. Thank you so much Siân."

Laura, Popili Home

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Have you received any Creative Mentoring or Etsy support from me? If so, I would LOVE for you to leave a quick review to let others know about the course content and the impact it has had on your business; It will help others to discover my services. Thank you!

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Words of praise for my Etsy Power Hour

"Siân's experience and knowledge of Etsy is astounding. I have been using Etsy for a while, but Siân's advice was so valuable! Her approach is very supportive and it was really easy for her to guide me through each section. I was able to action her advice there and then, which gave me the ability to learn more quickly what I needed to do. Siân's time with me was very meaningful and has helped me feel more confident selling on Etsy. Thank you Siân!”

Claire, Vivid Wire

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Words of praise for my Creative Mentoring Pathfinding Programme

"The sessions have not only helped me to focus but having more than one session meant that I could then put those plans into place and then have some accountability as well knowing I would be checking back in with Sian. Sian made the sessions feel a comfortable space to put ideas out there and she had some fab advice and insights using her own experiences as well as having looked at my website, products and social media.”

Cheryl, Little Luna Creations

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Words of praise for my Etsy Power Hour

"What an amazing and enjoyable session with Siân! I have an established shop on Etsy, but I really want to keep pushing and knew there were some problem areas I could improve on. It’s amazing what an external, professional opinion can do! The session was very in-depth and focused, and Siân is so friendly and encouraging. Siân took the time to go through my Etsy shop with me and offered valuable advice on how to optimise my shop and listings even further, giving me tips that I had not considered myself before. I came away with a clear action plan, and the confidence in the knowledge I have gained. I have started to implement some of the changes Siân suggested and have already seen a positive difference in my stats! Yay! I would highly recommend Siân to anyone who wants to gain the insights to optimise their shop and grow their business on Etsy.”

Carly, The Freckled Penguin

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Praise for Siân's Mentoring Approach

Sian was very friendly and knowledgeable, I really enjoyed our session together. Her advice and feedback were practical and I feel I have a good plan now on how to improve my Etsy shop.

Carol, Studio Carnaval

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Have you received any Creative Mentoring or Etsy support from me? If so, I would LOVE for you to leave a quick review to let others know about the course content and the impact it has had on your business; It will help others to discover my services. Thank you!

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