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Creative Mentoring and Etsy Support Sessions

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Please note that the following Creative Mentoring Programmes are only available from March-July: The Path-Finder and The Extended Programme.


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Top 10 Guide to Running a Successful Small Business:

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Words of praise for my Etsy Power Hour:

"Siân's experience and knowledge of Etsy is astounding. I have been using Etsy for a while, but Siân's advice was so valuable! Her approach is very supportive and it was really easy for her to guide me through each section. I was able to action her advice there and then, which gave me the ability to learn more quickly what I needed to do. Siân's time with me was very meaningful and has helped me feel more confident selling on Etsy. Thank you Siân!”

Claire, Vivid Wire

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Words of praise for my Etsy Power Hour:

"What an amazing and enjoyable session with Siân! I have an established shop on Etsy, but I really want to keep pushing and knew there were some problem areas I could improve on. It’s amazing what an external, professional opinion can do! The session was very in-depth and focused, and Siân is so friendly and encouraging. Siân took the time to go through my Etsy shop with me and offered valuable advice on how to optimise my shop and listings even further, giving me tips that I had not considered myself before. I came away with a clear action plan, and the confidence in the knowledge I have gained. I have started to implement some of the changes Siân suggested and have already seen a positive difference in my stats! Yay! I would highly recommend Siân to anyone who wants to gain the insights to optimise their shop and grow their business on Etsy.”

Carly, The Freckled Penguin

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