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Hitting the Headlines

I was so majorly honoured to be invited to write an article for the latest addition of the @indierollernews and, seeing my words in print as it popped through my door yesterday, was (and will always be) a hugely memorable moment for me. 🌈

I so enjoyed composing my article, which is a total tell-all of my indie biz: Where I’ve come from, what I’m at, and where I’m headed. It was both cathartic and immensely satisfying to create and, if you do receive a copy, I hope you truly love what you read! ❤️

Crammed full of indie biz greatness, this Indie Roller creation is just such an inspirational read! Thank you so much to Leona and the other contributors for this wonderful publication and for turning a dream for me in to a reality. 🌟

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