Thank You, 2020

Wow, what a truly crazy year this one has been! As the eve of 2021 sets in, I’ve been contemplating my nightlights from the past 12 months and have created my own Top 9 to summarise my happiest business moments. They include (from top left to bottom right):

⭐️ Celebrating Robin’s Bobbins turning 6. I am so proud to have built Robins Bobbins in to a full time job whilst growing our 3 children.

⭐️ Discovering the mighty Leona and her supportive and inclusive tribe of small business owners at Indie Roller. I have felt so welcome, have made so many like-minded friends and have grown to be proud of being me through this amazing group of people.

⭐️ Donating to well over £1000 to charities including NHS Charities Together, Kingston Hospital Charity, Hettie's Helpers, Yorda Adventures and RMHC.

⭐️ Approaching Pippa McCosh Photography to create some amazing product shots of my costumes in action.

⭐️ Hosting a Strykin' Live session as part of the Indie Roller Market night series.

⭐️ Seeing the inspirational Claire from Play Hooray wearing a custom cape I created for her to celebrate her biz birthday.

⭐️ Spotting Tom and Giovanna Fletcher wearing my superhero capes.

⭐️ Being selected by Holly Tucker and Holly&Co as a #smallbusinessinspirator

⭐️ Being so supported by you ALL to help me live my dream. 💫

2020 has certainly been a strange one for us all but, for me, there have been so many highs. I can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring ...❤️

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