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Making it Snippy!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

When it comes to scissors, I'm quite particular about using the right pair. My attention to detail, and making sure I get the perfect cut from each fabric, has led to me building up quite a collection over time. So, I thought I would share some of my trusty favourites, and their uses, with you here.

For me, Fiskars are a trusted favourite in the world of scissors. They are so reliable and their range is vast. In the image below I have numbered 6 of my most regularly used pairs to show you what I get up to with each one:

1. Medium Dressmaking Scissors: My go-to pair for general cutting, especially cotton fabric and felt.

2. Pinking Shears: These scissors have a zig-zag cut. I use them for cutting around the canvas fabric used on the hand-stamped, personalised centres of all my bookmarks and star hangings and for the circular shape on each fabric birthday badge.

3. Spring-Action Scissors: I think I inherited these scissors when I was a girl. It just goes to show how long-lasting Fiskars are! These scissors are great for cutting paper and card (and they often go walkabout as my children use them for their art projects too!).

4. Embroidery Scissors: Ideal for cutting small details such as the cursive glitter names on my full name key rings.

5. Large Dressmaking Scissors: Great for cutting through thicker fabrics. I tend to use these to get a perfect cut for felt work, such as the scalloped feathers in my bird capes and bird wings.

6. Old pair of Dressmaking Scissors: These aren't as sharp as my best scissors (as they have been used plenty over the years) but are perfect for rougher cutting. I use these for cutting out all glitter fabric projects such as the motifs on all of my superhero capes and for my superhero cuffs. They are great for getting through the hardy, extra sparkle of the glitter fabric used in my birthday badges too.

So, there you go, a self-confessed scissor geek. But, every pair has its use!

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