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Robin's Bobbins in the Limelight

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

It was both a surprise and an honour to see Tom and Giovanna Fletcher wearing Robin's Bobbins' superhero costumes on social media last week. But, how did it come to be? Here's how...

A couple of week's ago I received an order to create a coordinating set of five, superhero costumes. As with all my items, I really enjoyed making them. However, these were even more fun due to their rainbow colours and, with two adult and three children's sizes, I knew they were for a family. Seriously, how fun would that be, to have a full family set of superhero costumes?!

So, I was both shocked and majorly excited when someone commented on my instagram feed to say that they had seen former McFly musician turned children's author, Tom Fletcher wearing a Robin's Bobbins superhero cape.

It transpired that the superhero costumes I had made were gifted to the Fletcher family to coincide with the launch of Tom's new book, "There's a Superhero in Your Book" (Puffin). And, I couldn't be prouder to see Tom, his wife Giovanna and one of his sons wearing them. It's pretty clear from the above photo that the couple are enjoying their costumes and that is exactly what brings so much joy to what I do; The ability to create fun, spread smiles and spark imagination is what drives my passion for Robin's Bobbins.

And, I love to think of the Fletcher Family wearing their superhero capes many times again in the future. Well, if you owned your own set of custom costumes, would you?!

Adult Flash Superhero Costume (can include and combination of badge, mask, arm cuffs and crown) - Available on the Robin's Bobbins' website

Children's Version also available.

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