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School's Out for Summer

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

School's out for (another) 7 weeks and, whilst it's great to be able to spend more time with the children I'm sure plenty of us are asking the question, "What? More time?!" Lockdown restrictions in the UK have eased a lot now in the UK but, if the rain pours, what to do with an 8, 6 and 3 year old, can be tricky as many child-friendly venues remain closed and, as anyone with boys knows, they have energy to burn!

Still, I'm seeing the Summer holidays as the start of another chapter, so I wanted to take the opportunity to look back on what I've achieved during the past 18 weeks since the start of UK lockdown.

🌟I've raised £1105.50 (or £1381.88 if you include gift aid) so far for the NHS through the sale of fabric face masks. I'm continuing to donate 50p to the NHS for every mask I sell.

🌟 I’ve launched my website with a selling platform (all by myself, with no experience) and, in just over a week, uploaded over 160 products to it. I'm so proud with how well it's taken off and many customers have commented that it's easier to navigate than Etsy so I'm taking that as a compliment!

🌟 I’ve worked with the amazing @pippamccoshphotography to create some fabulous new product shots (including this one!)

🌟 I’ve focussed on myself and my business by undertaking a mindset course on comparison with @janeyhollidaycoaching, a mindfulness and relaxation course run by my local adult education centre and a digital marketing bootcamp run by the inspirational Leona Thrift Ola at @indieroller.

🌟 I’ve seen my Etsy shop almost double its sales over lockdown to over 6500 sales (and have kept up with, for several weeks, a 900% increase in sales!).

🌟 I’ve upped the finish and quality of all my packaging to be totally recyclable/recycled💚. I have even designed my very own branded wrapping paper which is truly robin-tastic!

🌟 I’ve sourced new fabric whole suppliers

🌟 I now issue my online newsletter, The Round Robin, weekly.

🌟I'm making an active effort to include my face more in my social media posts, through IGTV, instagram lives, stories and my grid, because, apparently, you like that!

🌟I've started this blog via my website and am really enjoying the experience of sharing my thoughts and feelings with you all.

So, not bad, eh? COVID-19 lockdown may feel long and drawn out at times but, for me, at least it's not boring! Ok, thinking cap on for how to entertain the boys tomorrow ...

Superhero Costume - Available on the Robin's Bobbins' website

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