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The Benefits of Taking Time Out

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I took the whole of last month off. My shop was closed and I forced myself to have a social media detox - no instagram, no checking or engaging in posts... nothing! I'm not going to lie by saying that a social media detox was an easy thing to do; It's amazing how automatic scrolling through social media can be, isn't it? But, after a few days, I realised I didn't need to rely on my robotic actions and started to feel some much-needed head space.

A month on, I'm trying hard not to slip back in to the ways of my old habits. I'm making every effort to be more present in my life (both on and off of social media) by being mindful of where I am and the activity I'm focussing on. In part it's working... but I've still a long way to go!

In summary, having time away can be a good thing. But, as to a month off work? No, that didn't happen! My shop may have been closed but I used the time to squirrel away, stocking up on everything I could and I also relished creating some new costumes for my store. Time for creativity - now, that's definitely important...

Necklace - Liz Harry Design

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