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The Reality

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Back at the start of lockdown I asked my husband to take this picture of me, at work, to show The Reality. This is a true picture of what it can be like for me working from home!

Here I am creating orders with a 2 year old on my lap, a 6 year old completing his electronics kit and an 8 year old on the floor, coding.

I am fortunate to have a sewing space in our living area (a huge step up from sharing the kitchen table which I managed to get by with for the first 3 years of running Robin's Bobbins) but, throughout lockdown, living and working in the same room day in, day out, with 3 little ones to entertain me, can take its toll!

I submitted this photo for a competition, to win a laptop, as part of Holly Tucker's @hollytucker and #SMESOS - an invaluable series of advice and encouragement for small business owners which was established at the start of COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. Well, it just goes to show that you have to be in it to win it, as I won one! I was invited to join Holly on her instagram live tea party and really enjoyed chatting to her. Holly is a huge inspiration to me; Her support and cheerleading of small business is unfathomable. Among her hashtags, one of my favourite to join in with is #campaignshopindependent which shouts from the rooftops about the benefits, importance and overall good that comes from shopping small.

So, please think of me from time to time, sewing away at Robin's Bobbins HQ with my 3 little helpers in tow!

Superhero Cape - Available on the Robin's Bobbins' website

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