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Chatting Curiosity with Kirsty McGeah from Studio Ides

Studio Ides founder, Kirsty McGeagh, creates feel-good, fun earrings and jewellery, inspiring you to express yourself with colour and passion. I was lucky enough to chat to her as part of the Pedddle UK's #GoLiveInMay Instagram challenge this month...

The name of Kirsty’s business, Studio Ides (pronounced “eyeds”) came about through her son, who was born on the Ides of March (March 15th). Kirsty creates each item of her colourful jewellery by hand from her spare bedroom studio at home in Scotland. She works with polymer clay and applies a UV resin finish to bring out the sparkle and vivacity of each colour involved. With an interior design, film and TV background, Kirsty brings her love for design, shapes and architecture into all she creates at Studio Ides. Kirsty saves clay scraps from her bigger pieces to create limited edition smaller pieces, hence minimising her environmental impact.

Curiosity is a value Kirsty brings through to Studio Ides. Asking questions, having an open mindset, and following her curiosity are the inspiration for ensuring that Studio Ides is continually moving forward.

Kirsty recommended Loud Mary as her small business shout out. Mary creates art for both body and home and has a unique, bold and unapologetically individual style.

You can find Kirsty and Studio Ides on Instagram and her website.

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