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The Power of Community with Marc Godfrey-Murphy from Marco Looks

Marc Godfrey-Murphy, founder of Marco Looks is a maker of prints and stationery that ooze positivity. I really enjoyed chatting with him as part of the Pedddle UK's #GoLiveInMay Instagram challenge this month...

An illustrator, designer and former animator, Marc creates prints, cards and stationery that are designed to remind you and your loved ones of just how great you are. With a collection including prints that state “You are stronger than you think” and “Use all the crayons in the crayon box”, Marc is keen to remind us to focus on the universal messages of positivity that sometimes get hidden within the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“Community” is a key business value for Marco Looks. Marc holds “Monday Morning Meetings” and “Friday Debrief” sessions live on his Instagram account each week and has recently started creating Youtube tutorials to help fellow illustrators with insider tips and design processes. Marc is the founder of a community project, the "Marco Looks Print Swap" where fellow illustrators and artists can share and promote their work. The project involves sending Marc five, A5 prints, four of which will be shared with fellow artists involved in the community and the final one being kept to display as part of an exhibition in Yorkshire this coming Autumn. Further details can be found on Marc’s website.

Marc recommended Chantelle from Wild and Tame for her limited-edition handmade clothes and accessories for children and babies. Marc was really attracted to Wild and Tame for the gorgeous prints and fabrics Chantelle uses.

You can find Marc and Marco Looks on Instagram and his website. Further details on the Marco Looks Print Swap can be found here.

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