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Shop Small Finds

I thought it would be really nice to collate some of the small business purchases I made and received this Christmas. The year just gone saw me shopping small more than ever before and I can’t wait to carry on with it this year. Knowing that my support has helped each person to keep living their dream has been so rewarding, and the quality of each item, and customer service received, has been second to none.

So, here are my Christmas shop small finds described clockwise from top left on each image:

1. @cosmicbloomstudios Glass jar candle - The friend I gifted this too was so impressed with how amazing it smelt.

2. @juste_nature_skincare Soap set - The friend I gave this set to loved the way the soaps were unscented as she can't use scented products on her skin.

3. @annajanedesigns Lightning bolt sweatshirt - A gift to myself! I love the paper leather used for the lightning bolt and this has inspired me to research in to a more eco alternative to glitter fabric for my superhero items.

4. @kapelkiart Place mat set - I love the way each picture has a story to tell. They have transformed mealtimes in our household!

5. @myhollyhouse Personalised writing paper sets - These sets took the chore out of writing 'thank you' letters this year as my children so enjoyed having their own paper sets.

6. @thefreckledpenguin Children’s prints - Our youngest is really enjoying being able to express his emotions with this accessible chart. His favourite emotion is 'silly' - and he does a pretty good job of showing it most days!

7. @curlysuecrafts Colour-in bunting - This is so clever. Our eldest son is really enjoying colouring it in to hang on his bedroom wall when it is finished.

8. @papertowncrafts Various paper craft kits - These are so great for any age. Each kit contains picture step-by-step instructions to make the creation process really accessible for children to do by themselves.

9. @anniesfingers Painter’s palette earrings - I just adore these. They are so colourful so can go with any outfit.

10. @jesscollinge Red star earrings and necklace set - I have also treated myself to a crackle glitter star earring set which are just so festive. The red catches the light brilliantly. There are other colours too in Jess' range.

11. @mayasatelier Circular earrings - I was gifted these and just love them. They are so light to wear and the colours go with everything.

12. @nuijewellery Wooden earring and necklace set - I just love how they are created from recycled wood. Light to wear and really stylish too.

13. @marcelinesmith Kawaii items - These are all so cute. Our eldest son is really in to kawaii art and is enjoying copying the images to create his own comics.

14. @ludicrousprints Lucky dip box - This was a great gift for my niece. So many adorable items, all of which can be used. They are so bright in colour and the sentiments on each item are really positive and uplifting.

15. @niftynotebooksni Rainbow notebook - The quality of the paper is fabulous and who doesn't love a rainbow?!

16. @bowlerbeardesigns Planner notepad - I purchased various stationery items and glittery stickers from this shop. This planner was gifted to a super-organised friend - the perfect gift then!

17. @fifisspot Gingerbread man decoration - This cutie will hang on our tree for years to come, making sure that we don't forget 2020 in a hurry!

18. @lilyandgiraffe Fabric advent calendar - We will use this for years to come. The quality is amazing and the pocket sizes are brilliant for storing all range of treats for the days of advent.

19. @annajanedesigns Wire “hope” decoration - So clever and really stylish too!

20. @readwraprecycle Newspaper wrapping paper and paper tape - This is such a 'green' way to wrap. I purchased sets of the Northern Star paper for Christmas and Rainbow Wrap year-round for birthdays. Reading the paper is so fun and it folds so neatly too. Using it in conjunction with the paper tape means that every bit of the wrapping can be recycled.

2021 will see me continuing to shout from the rooftops about how amazing it is to support small businesses 📣.

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