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The BEST Way to Shop This Christmas

Let's face it, 2020 has been an uncertain one for us all in many ways. And, with local lockdowns springing up with little notice, it makes planning that Christmas shopping the old way - by buying from shopping centres - even more difficult.

So, this year, I will be making every effort I can to support small businesses, so that I can be sure that the money I spend actually makes a difference to those I'm buying from.

Indie Roller, the brain-child of the inspirational Leona Thrift-Ola, is an inclusive community for all small businesses and I am so proud to be a part of it. Every Thursday evening, from 7-9pm, until Christmas there will be a themed Mini Market hitting our social media platforms. Simply follow the hashtag #indierollerchristmas to see what's on offer or head over to the Indie Roller website to see the Maker Directory for each market night. Makers from all around the world will be offering their "secret sauce", that little something to entice you to buy from them, including special discounts and bundle offers to prize draws and exclusive product releases. Here is the running order for each event:

Thursday Evening Mini-Markets 7pm to 9pm

🎄 15th Oct - Indie Wearables Market (Clothing, jewellery, accessories)

🎄 22nd Oct - Indie Personalised Gift Market

🎄 29th Oct - Indie Eco Market

🎄 5th Nov - Indie Christmas Essentials Market (Cards, Wrap, Decorations, Stocking Fillers)

🎄 12th Nov - Indie Baby & Children’s Market

🎄 19th Nov - Indie Made by Hand Market

🎄 26th Nov - Indie Art & Illustration Fair

🎄 3rd Dec - Indie Beauty Market

🎄 10th Dec - Indie Homewares & Foodie Market

Online Market Extravaganza 22nd Nov 8am to 8pm

And, as if that wasn't enough, hundreds of us will be coming together for a day-long Market Extravaganza for whole day on Sunday 22nd November. This is sure to be the biggest and best small business market event that ever there was.

Never was there a bigger or better opportunity to shop small this Christmas!


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