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The Power of Shopping Small

Image credits thanks to @thepaperlobster
The Power of Shopping Small

When it comes to shopping, there is nothing more powerful than shopping small. We each have the power to support small businesses; To make a difference by how we spend our money, and to enable that small business owner to carry out their dream by giving them the opportunity to do what they truly love.

I just adore this illustration, created by Collette from The Paper Lobster, which clearly outlines all those small ways that we can support small businesses - and all without spending any money!

Liking, commenting on and sharing posts plays a huge part in helping a small business be seen on social media who's platforms determine what appears on our feeds through a complex computerised system of algorithms. Their impact is felt with increasing importance from liking, having some positive effect to sharing, which has the greatest. Engaging with posts helps them to be prioritised on what is shown to us rather than hidden from view. Engagement also boosts a post's visibility for others too so is a real help to any small business who is trying their best to get their amazing products seen.

If there is a way to leave a review, and feed back about your shopping experience, please do it. Reviews take a few seconds to do but give a HUGE boost to small businesses, many of whom are one-person businesses who have no-one telling them how great they are. Positive words can do wonders to anyone's self-confidence and give people the boost to keep going.

Creating your own post, to shout about a brilliant small business experience you may have had, not only spreads the word about them but also highlights the benefits and feel-good factor that only comes with shopping small. It will encourage others to jump on board with the shop small movement too!

If you have bought from a small business recently, why not tell a friend (or your whole tribe) about them? Not only are you sharing a brilliant recommendation but you are helping a small business owner out there to continue with their dream job.

Simply put, if you support small businesses with any of the above, YOU ARE AWESOME! And, if reading the above has brought to light one more thing you can do, why not give it a go...


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